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Free Keyword Tool

Free Keyword Tool

This is a Great Free Keyword Tool!

Make a Graphic in Minutes!

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    Free Web Conferencing Tool

    Free Keyword Tool

    This is a Great Free Keyword Tool!

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    • Top Ten FREE Website Tools

      There are tons of free website tools on the Internet.  A search on Google will yield hundreds of reuslts but you don’t have time to shift through all the options.

      Here are a list of my top ten free website tools:

      1. Blogging Platform, without a doubt, is the best free website tool availabel – PERIOD!
        With hundreds of free themes and plugins you have a search engine friendly website online in just minutes.
      2. Visitor Tracking
        Google Analytics is an awesome free tools that tracks your visitors from the minute they come to the site until they leave.
        You will know where the visitors came from and how long they stay.
      3. Photo Resizer
        There are several free tools that resize photos.  I have started using a very easy to use tool – Shrink-O-Matic
      4. Graphics Software
      5. HTML Editor
      6. Learn HTML
      • Link Cloaker or Redirect
        You can purchase link cloaking software to hide your affiliate links and/or software the simply redirects your links.  I really like these two free website tools for link manipulation.

        1.  Budurl allows you to set up a user friendly url as well as track visitors
        2.  PinUrl gives your three different URLs for each long link and tracks the number of clicks.
      • PDF Creator
      • Converter
      • Browser
      • more…

      Please leave comments or other free website tool recommendations.

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